Reviewing the 48 hours in Turku…

Service Jam Turku participated again in the amazing ‘Global Service Jam 2013’ —a worldwide event held March 1-3, 2013, where jammers around the globe contribute to change the world… heartfelt compliments and thanks to Adam St John Lawrence and Markus Edgar Hormeß for their tremendous initiative and creative power.

Special thanks to Louise Connor, Xavi De La Huerta Ow and Michael Diedrichs for this short review of the weekend actions in Turku, Finland. Thanks for the musical contribution of Two Door Cinema Club with ‘Something Good Can Work’.

See you all next year… once a Jammer, always a Jammer!


Everything’s alright on a Saturday night

Final ideas are starting to be created and it looks like Service Jam Turku will upload five different results tomorrow afternoon, exciting! The local newspaper Turun Sanomat has visited us today, Anssi Koskinen (AD, Aucor Oy) provided us with a valuable keynote about service design in the afternoon and the teams are right now mentored by Dima Kanevsky and Tanja Denysova, from IDÉ Finland, who helps us creating user friendly services. We want to thank these people for giving a valuable input to our work! Service Jam Turku has also shared ideas with other jammers in both Kansas and Toronto through Skype, and let’s see how many of us are going to spend their night at Boost Startup Farm, as I can now feel the flow.
Next up: some filming!

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Hidden treasure

So, the theme of Global Service Jam 2012 is Hidden treasure. We shared our group of 27 persons into smaller teams after the official theme unveiling yesterday and started to come up with ideas and work on designing services according to the theme. We’re glad to have people of different nationalities and with different expertise on place, it gives us a wide knowledge and various points of view – besides, one group just finished skyping with Bangalore Service Jam .

Lots of discussions ended up referring to unknown places, hidden qualities in persons, companies and services, finding the treasure in boring moments, games, everyday situations… The question is what do people need, what are we willing to use and ready to pay for?

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